Flight from Portugal to Poland – from Faro with a change in Charleroi

A plane above Faro city, Portugal

Faro Airport is located 15 minutes by bus from the city centre. Knowing that buses in Portugal usually don't come on time I left the hostel a bit earlier. It turned out that I needn't have worried, the bus arrived on time.

Air connection from Portugal to Poland looks similar to the travel from Poland to Portugal. Once again I had a stop in Charleroi. This time I waited 8 hours for my flight to Warsaw so I had time to visit this Beligian city (I paid  5 euro for a one-way bus ticket).

Saint Christopher's Basilica in CharleroiSaint Christopher's Basilica in Charleroi

I drank some excellent beer, ate Belgian chips and took a stroll. Around midnight I got to the Chopin Airport.

Charleroi Town Hall in Place Charles II (Charles II Square)Charleroi Town Hall in Place Charles II (Charles II Square)

On the plane I summed up my holidays in Portugal, I wrote down pros and cons and the cost of the travel.