Holidays in Portugal – Warsaw – Charleroi – Porto flight

Wizzair Warsaw – Brussels (Charleroi)

I had planned my holidays in Portugal a few months before. I had managed to buy cheap flight tickets, so the journey seemed to be even more enticing. I left work earlier that day because my plane departed at 6 pm from the Warsaw Chopin Airport. There are no direct flights from Warsaw to Porto so I had to change planes at the Belgian Charleroi Airport and wait two hours for the next flight (Ryanair).

Bus fare from Charleroi to Brussles costs 5 euroBus fare from Charleroi to Brussles costs 5 euro

The Charleroi airport is quite small. It is located between the city of Charleroi and Brussels. It is so small that it handles only low-cost airlines such as Ryanair, Wizz Air, Jetairfly or Jet4you. Just like at other airports that I had visited, here too, I had an opportunity to relax, eat or taste some beer. Belgian beer, obviously. Therefore the two hours that I spent at the Charleroi airport passed pleasantly and quite quickly. I arrived at the Porto airport around midnight.

Belgian Jupiler beerBelgian Jupiler beer