Visiting Aveiro, Portuguese Codfish

Canal in Aveiro – the Portuguese Venice

Aveiro is a lovely city. After visting the Sao Jacinto Dunes Natural Reserve I spent the rest of the evening walking down the streets of the city. I was especially impressed by traditional boats, mooring in a canal of the Portuguese Venice.

Colourful Portuguese fishing boats in AveiroColourful Portuguese fishing boats in Aveiro

Town hall in AveiroTown hall in Aveiro

Roof of the St Dominic's CathedralRoof of the St Dominic's Cathedral

That evening I decided not to save money on food. In one of the restaurants I ordered a traditional Portuguese dish: codfish and green wine. It cost 15 Euro and was really worth the price! I think I won't forget the delicious taste of the fish too quickly. I also won't forget an Italian man, living in Switzerland, with whom I spoke for over an hour during dinner. What did we speak about? About life, of course :)

Typical Portuguese housing developmentTypical Portuguese housing development

The atmosphere of Aveiro put me in a very good mood, but it deteriorated a bit when on the following morning I accidentally saw a large, modern block of flats. However, on that day the biggest obstacle was posed by irregular bus services and the drivers, who didn't speak English very well. 

Typical Portuguese housing estateTypical Portuguese housing estate

I managed to catch a bus to Leira, the next place on my map, only after 2 pm. Luckily, it was a bus of Rede Expressos line which operates across the whole country (it is of similar quality to “Polski Bus” line but here you have much more space for legs and hand luggage).

Tenement houses ornamented with azulejo ceramic tiles in AveiroTenement houses ornamented with azulejo ceramic tiles in Aveiro

Igreja de Misericordia in AveiroIgreja de Misericordia in Aveiro