Sightseeing in Faro

The Carmo Church in Faro

Faro is situated to the east of Lagos. The cities are located 83 kilometres from each other. It took me an hour and a half to get to Faro by train. I reckon that if it weren't for the international airport which operates low-cost airlines,Faro wouldn't be popular. There are no beaches here, one may visit  a seaport and the Old Town encircled by the fortifications. For ages Faro had been a port city involved in trade, which is visible even today.

Fish market in FaroFish market in Faro

The Algarve Hostel

I had to spend a night here. I chose the Algarve Hostel, which apart from low price (12,5 Euro) and convenient location (in the centre), was not impressive. In addition to that, I met other Poles here who spent their free time drinking wine. Everything was alright, the hostel was clean, bathrooms and rooms provided.

Algarve Hostel – a dorm roomAlgarve Hostel – a dorm room

After the first night the host exchanged my bed for another one. He was committed to learn Polish, mainly due to the large number of Polish tourists in Portugal :)