The Se Cathedral in Lisbon

The Se Cathedral in Lisbon

Se Cathedral is located near the streets of Baixa district. It was erected in the 12th Century to commemorate the victory over the Moors in Portugal. It's another  must-see for every tourist who traverses Portugal.

The Se Cathedral, LisbonThe Se Cathedral, Lisbon

The Se Cathedral looks rather rough-hewn. It was built in Romanesque style which is extremely severe and temperate. The two towers and rose window draw our attention and give us hope that the cathedral is going to be more interesting inside. Unfortunately, the altar ornamentation sponsored by John V did not make it to our times. It was destroyed in the earthquake and it wasn't possible to renovate it.  In the interior part of the cathedral one may see the Baroque sacristy and treasury where the relics of St Vincent are stored.

Admission to the Cathedral was free. 

Lisbon's skylineLisbon's skyline

Then I went to the Castle of São Jorge. Sadly, due to a ceremony performed inside, the castle was closed for visitors. I coped with that turn of events quite well because I got on the tram 28 which is one of the most famous trams in Lisbon. The pleasant trip cost 1,80 Euro.

A view of the Tagus river in LisbonA view of the Tagus river in Lisbon